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Service Terms and Tips

Service is available for the following areas: Shell, Hickory Grove, Daisy, Simpson, Mount Vernon, Red Bluff, Allsbrook , Longs, and surrounding communities. Our Service area stretches from Highway 905 to Highway 9 and all in between. If you are unsure if your are located within the service areas please call today!


When you sign up for weekly pickup you will be charged the predetermined amount per month for the service provided based on your location. Included in your service is a 96 gallon trash bin which is yours to keep for as long as you require our services. Pickup is once a week on a day to be provided based on your location. We only pickup what is contained in the bin. Extra waste will not be accepted. If you feel one trash bin is not enough for your weekly disposal needs, you may request an additional bin at a discounted price.

Below is a list of company policies and practices: 

All waste must be bagged. Loose waste will not be accepted.

Service is guaranteed by placing your can out the night before your pickup date.

Certain types of waste should not be disposed of as part of our residential household waste collection service. These include the following:


  • hazardous waste (products labeled toxic, poison, corrosive, flammable, etc.),                   

  • paint

  • oil

  • car and truck batteries

  • tires

  • electronic waste (tv’s microwaves, computers),

  • infectious waste

  • dirt, sod, and rocks.

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